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Eyelashes B 0.1 (6 rows: 8/9/10 mm), packaging Butterfly, KODI

Price: 6.50

Eyelashes B 0.1 (6 rows: 8/9/10mm), Butterfly packaging

The quality of the eyelashes used for eyelash extension primarily determines the speed of the procedure and the final result. Professional products for extension allow avoiding risks and prevent negative consequences - allergic reactions, shedding and other phenomena. KODI PROFESSIONAL eyelashes are made of hypoallergenic monofilament. They are easily separated from the natural eyelashes, have a silk texture, do not deform during the extension process and during wear. Due to elasticity, softness and a bend close to the natural one, the extended eyelashes look natural and expressive.


  • Length - 8/9/10 mm;
  • Thickness - 0.1 mm (average);
  • Curl - B (slight bend for a visually open look);
  • Color - black.
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