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Eyelashes B 0.15 (6 rows: 10/11/12 mm), packaging Butterfly, KODI

Price: 7.00

Eyelashes B 0.15 (6 rows: 10/11 / 12mm),

Butterfly packaging Appearance and structure of the high-quality eyelashes for extension by KODI PROFESSIONAL are as close as possible to the natural eyelashes, do not weight them down, allow creating natural but expressive image. The presented compact package contains 6 rows of eyelashes made of high-quality hypoallergenic monofilament with a silk texture. They are easily separated, are soft and elastic, comfortable to the touch and resistant to various deformations in the process of extension and wearing.


  • Length - 10/11/12 mm
  • Thickness - 0.15 mm (average)
  • Curl - B (a slight bend for visually open view)
  • Color - black
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