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Folding Massage Table "Cosmo", KODI

Price: 402.50

Folding Massage Table "Cosmo"

The folding portable table Cosmo is designed for comfortable massage and all kinds of cosmetic procedures. The anatomically thought-out table made of solid beech wood and the optimal fastening system, allows it to be used for clients with different body constitutions, as well as for clients with limited mobility. The table is made in a concise pleasant design, has high-quality wear-resistant waterproof casing and is equipped with an ergonomic system for quickly folding and unfolding the table, which makes it convenient to use when working on the road. The corners of the table are additionally rounded to prevent injuries during movements of the master around the table perimeter during the procedures. Adjustable soft headrest, height-adjustable section and other necessary accessories included in the package make it possible to position client the most conveniently, change client's position if necessary and ensure comfort during the provision of services.


  • Type: massage, cosmetology;
  • Construction material: wood (beech);
  • Cables: stainless steel;
  • Width: 65cm;
  • Length: 180cm + 30cm (PG);
  • Height: 65-88cm;
  • Base thickness: 4cm;
  • Total construction weight: 17kg;
  • Permissible load: 200kg;
  • Suitcase dimensions: 85x65x12cm
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