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Purple monomer


Many women have long been using acrylic nail process, and the fact there are good reasons. It should start with the fact that this is a beneficial financial manicure that saves our time. Just a couple of hours - and manicures ready. Hence, it is logical to say that the time spent a couple of hours to ensure manicure 2 - 3 weeks.

Resistant acrylic truly captivating, and we forget about unstable dull color and half shabby polish after 3 days after the manicure. In addition, professional and qualitative performance capacity can strengthen the natural nail. To sum up, it turns out too many benefits to refuse such pleasure.

All materials produced by the American company Kodi – quality, affordable and always meet the growing needs of nail service. That is why we offer all materials for nail acrylic at the lowest prices on our website.

Purple monomer for acrylic

Acrylic monomer - a special liquid, which reacted causes rapid hardening by reaction with acrylic powder. This, in fact, is the most important difference from the acrylic gel capacity: gel requires drying UV lamp and acrylic - no. Acrylic, connected with the monomer causes rapid solidification and therefore does not require a drying tube. Purple monomer can achieve ultra - white, stable color. It is widely used in the simulation nail and has the following properties:

  • It provides strength, ductility and durability of the nail;
  • Easy application;
  • It does not change the saturation and brightness of color;
  • It does not contain methyl methacrylate;
  • Safe for natural nails.

With such high-quality materials, you can easily create a robust and unique manicure, which will be held on the nails three times longer than normal. It is possible Use purple monomer Kodi at home, but you must have some skills working with such materials. You can buy purple Kodi monomer in our online - shop now! We are pleased to offer you any products you are interested in at the lowest prices, as well as arrange for timely delivery in the location of your choice! Create a bright and unusual designs with Kodi Professional!

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