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Flower Gel №01, 4 ml, KODI

Price: 5.30

Flower Gel №01, 4 ml

Flower gel is a gel for nail art, the texture of which contains dried flowers. Thanks to this solution, this decorative material is ideal for creating delicate, graceful, romantic designs. Flower gel can be used independently or over a colored gel polish base. Shows a slight aquarium effect. Suitable for natural and artificial nails. Can be used as a modeling gel for laying out the free edge of the nail. It has a moderately dense consistency, conveniently and evenly distributed over the nail plate. Has a sticky layer.

Flower Gel No. 01: transparent. 

Method of application: Apply a small amount of gel to the nail plate, previously coated with a base, and spread in a thin layer. Cure for 30-60 seconds in a LED lamp or 2 minutes in an UV lamp. If necessary, apply another thin layer and polymerize it. Cover the design with a top coat.

Price: 4.80 €
Price: 4.80 €
Price: 4.80 €
Price: 4.80 €
Price: 4.80 €
Price: 4.80 €
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