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Funny Gel No. 13, 4 ml

Product SKU: 20108809
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Funny Gel No. 13 (4 ml)

Luxurious gels from the Funny Gel series by the popular Kodi Professional brand have become a real bestseller among shiny decorative coatings, thanks to their unusual effect on the nails. That is why, for the holiday season, the brand has released new shades of legendary gels for the implementation of amazing nail ideas.

Funny Gel No.13 is a shining mix of glitter and brocade in a blue and black color scheme. A gel with this filling is ideal for festive compositions and adding sparkling accents to everyday manicure. It is versatile, suitable for both natural and extended nails.

Funny Gel has a dense, viscous texture and is therefore recommended to be spread with a brush. They create a stylish finish with a dense, voluminous shimmer and can be used:

  • for independent nail coating in a gel polish system;
  • over a colored gel polish substrate;
  • in different design techniques, for example, stretch design;
  • for French manicure.

Method of application:

  1. Apply a small amount of gel to the nail plate, previously coated with a base, and spread in a thin layer.
  2. Cure for 30-60 seconds in a LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
  3. If necessary, apply another thin layer and then polymerize it.
  4. Cover the design with a top coat.


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