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The beautiful and unusual manicure - this is a great way to attract attention and cause admiring glances not only friends and collaborators, but also the men. But how to create a beautiful manicure, if you cannot spend a few hours in the salon and make an unusual painting? There is an exit- labels for manicure design by Kodi.

Stickers for Easy Art manicure design

Easy Art - another opportunity to have a beautiful painted manicure at a minimum cost, time and materials. This nail sticker with printed pattern and form, repeating the shape of the nail. The package of 14 stickers: 7 kinds of width by 2 pieces each.

The website online store Kodi Professional presented sticker Easy Art in different design:

  • Plant motifs (flowers, leaves).
  • Decorations.
  • Abstract paintings.
  • French (different designs and variations).
  • Lace motifs.
  • Pictures "water manicure" and others.

Аpplication technology

These stickers are very easy to use. Alternately applying:

  1. Choose the right size label.
  2. The base layer. Used to align the nail plate. In the presence of defects, a sticker can go smoothly and thus spoil manicure.
  3. Remove the dispersion layer.
  4. Remove the bottom layer with stickers, to withdraw from the cuticle of 0.5 mm and glue sticker. Offset is needed in order to then "seal" label.
  5. Leveled it with an orange stick (from the cuticle - the nail to the tip of the middle - to the side bolsters). The sticker is very thin and pliable. She is an excellent bed and smoothed.
  6. Remove the upper protective film.
  7. Remove the residue from the tip of the nail using conventional nail files. If the selected tag is not exactly equivalent to the width of the nail plate - remove the excess and more from the side bolsters.
  8. Basecoat. Dry the base and remove the dispersion layer.
  9. Apply the top.
  10. Drying top. Remove the sticky layer.

Manicure, that made in this way, will delight the eye two weeks or more, and the time of its application is practically equal to the time spent on the application of the conventional monochrome manicure.

An advice:  Easy Art stickers for nail design can be used for all nails, and singly. You can paint monotonous gel polish, and middle and ring fingers decorate using stickers. Such manicure will look very elegant, if you successfully chose combination of paint and stickers.

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