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Flash-tattoo (Tattoo Style)


Always be a trend with Kodi Professional

Increasingly, you can meet girls with tattoos, jewelry or imitation of this tattoo. Flash tattoo - a new trend, which is not in vogue another season. So, Flash tattoo – what is it? How to make such an unusual tattoo and what to wear?

A little history

Temporary tattoos have come to us for a long time, but they are not often used, and the demand and popularity enjoyed just among teenagers. But after 2013, when the fashion house of Dior, created a line of temporary tattoos that mimicked the gold and silver jewelry (mostly chain or bracelets), the fashion for them peaked. Dior produced these Flash tattoo in limited collection and get them was almost impossible, and the price bites. Therefore, there were whole kits of tattoos from other manufacturers, of different colors, shapes and forms. On our website, you will be able to choose the flash tattoo for every taste and for every occasion.

Flash tattoo Kodi Professional

Temporary, tattoos have different motives: plant, floral, abstract, animals, imitation jewelry. The color scheme is also different:

  1. Colored tattoos;
  2. The gold and silver (often used in tattoo imitation of jewelry);
  3. Black (imitation of this tattoo).

You can buy Flash tattoo on a whole sheet (more pictures). All the "tattoo" in this kit, unite overall style or theme.

How to use and care

Temporary tattoos are created for the principle sticker. Action scheme for the application of Flash tattoo.

  1. Step One: degrease the skin at the site of application of temporary tattoos.
  2. Step Two: Cut with a desired pattern, remove the protective film, attach a picture of the side of the body to flatten and press.
  3. Step Three: wet sponge with water and press it to the drawing; Wait 20 seconds, remove the sponge.
  4. Step four: Carefully lift the top of the figure. If it is well imprinted - remove, if not - wait 10 seconds again.
  5. Step Five: Give the drawing to dry completely.

This tattoo cannot be soap or rubbing, as it may deteriorate. With proper care, you can hold it from 2 to 7 days.

Advice from Kodi Professional: tattoo with imitation jewelry look good with these jewels. Only select Flash tattoo, and we will make the delivery on Cyprus.

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