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Nail Sticker "Flexible Tapes" (Black), KODI

Price: 1.85
Nail Stickers "Flexible Tapes" (black)
Flexible tapes are special nail stickers that allow performing one of the most relevant nail designs. The main difference between flexible tapes and other stickers is the incredible plasticity of the decorative “ribbon”, due to which you can create a pattern of any shape. The flexible tapes work well with any color base, and the adhesive base allows them to be used over any type of coating: polish, gel polish, gel or acrylic without requiring a sticky layer. The tapes are effortlessly separated from the substrate using tweezers.
Method of application:
  1. Apply nail coating. If necessary, remove the sticky layer.
  2. Model the desired pattern by fixing the tape on the nail in the desired position. Avoid very high tension to avoid damage to the tape.
  3. Remove the elements of the flexible tape protruding beyond the edge of the nail plate with scissors.
  4. Fix the finished design with a top coat.
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