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Thermo Design KODI PROFESSIONAL - it is quickly and effectively

The most rapid and economical alternative to the creation of difficult images are hand nail art stickers for design KODI PROFESSIONAL. This is perfect for those who just started learn the difficult nail art and does not yet have enough experience in the creation of sophisticated hand-made monograms and fine lines. At the same time a lot of salon masters come to our online store to buy nail art stickers in Kiev or order them abroad. This material for nail design has won many supporters thanks to a minimum cost in time and affordable price. After all, the pace of modern life, not many clients of beauty salons can allocate several hours on nail design, and want to look spectacular all.

Easy art

Each material for the nail design KODI PROFESSIONAL, depending on the type of application and has its own technology, which will ensure compliance with maximum wearability of nail art without premature peeling and other damage to the coating. Precisely adhering to the following instructions, you will very fast and easy to implement the desired design with stickers KODI PROFESSIONAL:

  1. Nail plate is dried by a nail Fresher and covered with acid-free primer without polymerization in the UV lamp.
  2. Then, apply the base coat Rubber Base Gel and dry in the UV lamp.
  3. With the help of special tools Cleanser removed adhesive layer.
  4. Thermo-sticker is heated by conventional lamps and evenly smoothed surface of the nail. Cut away excess material trimmed with scissors or nail file so that remaining on the nail fragment completely covered with a finishing top.
  5. To fix the design is recommended to cover the first layer Rubber Base Gel, and then a layer of Rubber Top Gel and dry in UV Led lamp.

You can cover the nail plate thermo-foil completely or use it in part by cutting the required pattern. As a result of this nail art is not distinguished from hand painted design, of course, provided quality work.

Online shopping without borders with the Kodi company

Buy materials for nail design in Ukraine or abroad is most conveniently online at our online store, after referring to the current availability and prices in the "Categories". If the liked thermo-sticker was not on sale, our consultants will contact you and orient on the availability of alternatives. If you need delivery you buy materials for nail design in Kiev and, especially, to order them abroad is much easier online.

Let’s experiment with the Kodi company!

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