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Blade for handle for manual tattoo№U18, KODI

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Blade for handle for manual tattoo №U18

Permanent makeup implantation in the manual micro blading technique requires the use of special tools – handle - maniples and a special nozzle in direct contact with the skin. Nozzle for micro blading is a combination of the finest micro needles soldered together in a certain way. Depending on the thickness and length of the line, the blades have different quantitative gradation - from 7 to 18 and the form of two types - the cut and conical. Right selected nozzle can significantly reduce damage, swelling and accelerate healing.

KODI PROFESSIONAL nozzles are made from high-quality solid steel with subsequent diamond sharpening. Needle thickness - 0.18 mm. Nozzles are sterile and are individually packaged for safety procedures.

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