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Diamond nozzle


Diamond nozzles for the router

Manicure - is a cosmetic procedure that is performed in order to treat the fingernails, processing (removing) the cuticle, the skin around the nail plate and integrated care for your hands. During the procedure, the master uses in its work tools kit: scissors, tweezers, nail files, buffs and others. Qualitative tools can help to make a good manicure, save money and time of the master.

For more than 10 years’ routers for hardware manicure came the nail industry of Cyprus. They are gaining popularity among the masters every day, because with their help, time for a manicure spend less - and the above result.

Fraser - the device for manicure, to which you need special packing, depending on the destination and personal preferences and skills of the master.

There are such kinds of nozzles for the router:

  1. Ceramic.
  2. The metal or carbide.
  3. Diamond.
  4. Corundum.
  5. Silicone.

Diamond nozzles for the router from Kodi

Diamond nozzles for the router are popular, thanks to a wide range of applications. They are in two types:

  1. Sintered. The nozzle is model from special stock - mixed with diamond grit adhesive filler which is baked in the oven.
  2. Besieged. Diamond grit is bonded to the workpiece-blank. Crumbs adhered closely to one another, so the nozzle will be less clogged and its use will be more effective.

Crumb that is used for the nozzles manufacture for the router, it may be natural and artificial. Nozzles with artificial stones grow blunt faster than those with natural. Even when the natural stone crumble, it leaves a sharp chip, while not losing its properties.

Purpose of nozzles

Diamond nozzles are used for the treatment of solid materials (acrylic, natural nail, worse for gel nails). Purpose diamond nozzles depends on the shape and abrasiveness.

Such nozzle form presented on the website of online store:

  1. Ball drills (for artificial nails and cuticles).
  2. Large tapered and spherical (to remove corns and small calluses, rough skin of the fingers and feet).
  3. Acicular (cuticle treatment).

Each nozzle has a colored diamond inlay, which indicates the abrasiveness:

  1. Yellow (soft).
  2. Red (soft).
  3. Blue (medium hardness).
  4. Green (medium hardness).
  5. Black (the hardest).

Diamond nozzles from Kodi Rrofessional durable and comfortable to use. Very popular between beginners and experienced professionals - this is confirmed by reviews of those who managed to buy and try them in the art of hardware manicure.

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