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Kodi Professional Milling Cutter "Virtuoso", KODI

Price: 1,010.00
KODI PROFESSIONAL will help to equip the office of the nail aesthetics master with modern, reliable, high-quality professional devices that meet strict international standards. The professional quality and innovative technologies of the presented devices provide stable and uninterrupted operation, ensure high efficiency in solving highly specialized tasks. 
Virtuoso is a machine with a high speed motor and a powerful dust suction system. On the front panel of the device there is a digital display that shows the speed of the micromotor rotation, toggle switches for smooth control of the micromotor rotation speed and dust suction power, as well as an on/off button of the device. Virtuoso is equipped with a high-speed micromotor with up to 30 thousand revolutions per second and power up to 100 W. The hand block is made of ergonomic plastic and weighs only 120 grams, which greatly facilitates the work of a specialist. The micromotor is equipped with an auto-fixation system and has the function of forward and reverse rotation. The handpiece also has an on/off switch of power during operation. The device is equipped with a powerful dust suction system of up to 500 W, which allows optimizing the work of a specialist, localizing dust and minimizing the risk of its settling.
The kit includes two interchangeable dust bags. Before using the machine, always make sure that you have put  the machine on a level surface and that the ventilation holes on the back of the machine are not blocked. There should be sufficient distance from the wall (minimum 30 cm) to ensure good air circulation. Connect the vacuum tube to the opening on the cover and plug the micromotor cable into the socket on the front of the device. Make sure the dust bag is installed. If not, simply attach the bag to the handpiece connector sleeve and place them in the dust suction chamber. Insert the plug into the socket and turn on the device. After that, it is ready for operation. The milling cutter provides for stationary use.
But if necessary, you can always easily transport it, since the weight of the device is only 3.5 kg. One of the advantages of the device is its thermal protection, which interrupts dust suction if the temperature inside the unit is too high. This can happen in two cases: firstly, if the dust bag is full. Remember that it is necessary to change the filter bag in a timely manner, do not allow its overload. The second reason may be the accumulation of dust inside the handpiece or inside the connecting tube. In this case, you need to clean these elements. Follow all recommendations for the operation and maintenance of the device and there will be no need in thermal protection. If the suction is interrupted for thermal protection, it will be activated again after approximately one hour. This is the time it takes to cool down the machine. The use of nozzles with a rounded shaft tip and a diameter of 2.35 mm is recommended.
The Virtuoso podiatric router is designed to perform pedicures, including therapeutic ones, by certified nail estheticians and podologists.
Advantages: high torque; automatic cutter blocking system; adjustable speed from 0 to 30.000 rpm; reliable micromotor with a soft stroke; light handpiece - only 120g; backlit display. The weight of the set is 4 kg. Strictly for professional use!

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