Feet care

Flying gait

Summer - a time of high heels and open shoes. It's time to show the beautiful manicured feet and pedicures. But after the daily high heels and walking is not always possible. But you can buy SPA set for foot care by Kodi and forget about tired legs forever.


Nowadays it is fashionable to add it screaming word "spa" on the labels of cosmetic products, but is it always corresponds to the content of the inscription? The composition of cosmetic care with the note "Spa", must include natural elements, such as oil, natural salt, juice, etc. We do not know about others, but Kodi Rrofessional is responsible for their products to each customer. A bright confirmation are reviews on the site.

Beautiful legs all year round

If you want your feet radiated beauty and health, they are needs daily care as your face. Scrubs, lotions, creams and tonics - they will help you to prevent problems such as cracks, peeling, swelling. Complex SPA treatments for the feet will give you:

  1. Hydration and nutrition. Use a foot cream with cocoa butter. He got rid of the dryness; will regulate the water balance of the skin and feet;
  2. Cleaning up and getting rid of keratinized areas. Use twice a week salt scrub at night, and then your feet shining beauty and purity;
  3. Getting rid of the cracks. Many women are faced with the fact that the skin, especially in the summer, is very dry and there are calluses and cracked heels. You can easily get rid of them using gel piling;
  4. Deodorization. In the hot season, if you wear closed shoes a long time there is a feeling of discomfort, feet are wet, which is turn is a breeding ground for bacteria and the appearance of blisters and odors. You can buy Lotion feet "Avocado", and forget about these troubles;
  5. It relieves swelling and tension. After heavy everyday work or hiking, give your legs a massage with lotion, and they will be grateful.

Not only aesthetics

It would be better to use cosmetics for your feet all year around, not just during the summer. Watch out for a pedicure, apply moisturizers and spend exfoliating treatments, as well-groomed feet - this is not only an attractive appearance, but also the health of the whole organism. And let your light step is proof of that.

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