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Foot cream (cocoa butter) 100 ml, KODI

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Feet Cream (Cocoa Butter) 100 ml

A multi-purpose feet cream with pure cocoa butter, lemon extract and other natural and emollient ingredients provides a deep permeability of nutrients and has an intensive restorative effect. Feet Cream Cocoa Butter is used for deep SPA-therapy, relieving feet of fatigue, burning, itching and swelling. The cream is recommended for the professional use in beauty salons and studios, as well as for the professional feet care at home.

The cream contains cocoa butter which has proven itself as a biologically active ingredient, which can quickly relieve from the most discomfortable feet sensations. Extract of lemon, providing antibacterial and wound-healing effect, eliminates unpleasant odor, provides a feeling of freshness and comfort even with heavy loads on the feet. The professional Feet Cream Cocoa Butter deeply moisturizes and nourishes, promotes regeneration at the cellular level, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin, restoring its tone and elasticity. With regular use, eliminates calluses and corns, softens the keratinised areas. This is the optimal feet care for every day. The cream has a pleasant fresh fragrance and a light, though dense texture. Does not leave a greasy film after application.

Method of application: Feet need care every day. Nourishing and emollient feet cream is designed for daily care. Apply with gentle circular motions to the clean skin every evening. In the morning you will feel how soft your feet have become.

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