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Hands is our visit card

It usual in our society, do not ask for a woman aged, cause its indecent. Exterior says everything. But what to do, when using cosmetics and various cosmetic procedures, you can hide your year, but hands betrayed us and nullify all the efforts.

Kodi know the solution

Beautiful and well-groomed hands - is not only qualitatively executed manicure. Well-groomed hands begin with well-groomed skin. Beautiful manicure - this is a finishing touch.

For ideal look of your hand, use SPA cosmetics for hands from Kodi Professional:

  1. Peeling for hands. He removes horny skin and prepare the delicate skin of your hands for further procedures.
  2. Lotion will provide water and fat balance. This is an important moment in the care of his arms. After all hands have to be washed up to 15 times a day, and the skin does not have time to regenerate yourself and constantly gives in soapy aggressive environment.
  3. Moisturizing cream. Apply after every washing hands + before going out on the street and at night.
  4. Nutritious cream. In the winter, apply during the day and in the summer - at night.

No unpleasant excesses

Every girl at least once faced with the fact that after applying the cream on the hands is an unpleasant oily film. It may cause not only discomfort, but also be unsafe (pores become clogged, the skin does not breathe). Buy SPA cosmetics for hands and forget about it forever.

Our products give you:

  1. The feeling of tenderness;
  2. Moisturized throughout the day and even more;
  3. Strong and well-groomed nails cuticle;
  4. Delightful aroma (mango, shea butter, grapefruit).

Kodi Professional products provide the highest quality. This was confirmed by feedback from our loyal customers.

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