Each definition has synonyms - similar or identical in value, triggering a number of associations in our imagination. Pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation are synonyms for the word SPA.

Complex care

In fact, SPA is a set of procedures aimed at improving the physical and emotional state. It would be wrong just to use the facial scrubs and call this SPA care. Only by applying the entire complex, you can feel what the real relaxation means. SPA is the number of procedures carried out by using certain cosmetics.

This includes:

  1. Peeling (face, feet);
  2. Massage with natural oils;
  3. Masks for hair and body (based on natural ingredients);
  4. Complex procedures for feet (peeling, cleansing, massage);
  5. Body wraps;
  6. Soaks, massages and hand cream;
  7. Bath with salt;
  8. Jacuzzi.

Some of the procedure should be performed by the professionals, but most you can do for yourself, buying a SPA set by Kodi Professional.

All in one Kodi

Professional sets for SPA session at the bathroom contain all the necessary tools and cosmetics. You will be able to make your hands perfectly tender with the help of scrubs and creams, nail file for pedicure will make your feet well-groomed and lotion will relieve daytime fatigue. Wrap in a delightfully-soft towel after taking a bath and let the whole world wait!

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