Acid and acid-free primers

Primer and its purpose

All those, who are interested in the nail extension – both professionals and amateurs – all without exception, faced with such a product as a primer. This is the first stage of extension procedures, and all process begins with it. Primer is a special liquid that has several important properties. Firstly, it helps to prevent exfoliation of the gel from the natural nail, it significantly increases the adhesion of synthetic materials and natural nail. Secondly, the primer decontaminates nail plate, disinfects and dries it. This allows maximum clearing the nail, removing all dirt and grease. Dry any primer for a few minutes, and only after that you can continue extension.

Varieties and types of primers

There are several types of primers in the modern nail industry – prep-primer, acid and acid-free primers. Prep primer is often used before acid or acid-free primer. It is used for degreasing and cleansing of the nail, it contains no dyes, flavorings, does not damage or dry out the nail. Acid-free primer is perfectly appropriate for the gel nails extension. It impacts on the top of the nail and lifts the nail flakes. It ensures great adhesion of the extension gel with the nail. Acid-free primer can prevent flaking of artificial nails, their crackling, bundle. Using it the master should be especially careful in order not to drop it on the skin or cuticle. Acid primer is a primer based on methacrylic acid. Its properties are identical to the acid-free, but in contrast to previous, it is appropriate for work with acrylics. It can be also applied to the polished nail before application of acrylic. It also lifts the scales of the nail and promotes better adhesion of acrylic to the natural nails. When using an acid primer is important to avoid its contact with the skin.

Primers by Kodi Professional

You can buy acid primer in the Kodi Professional online store. In our store, you can also find non-acid primers for gel nails extension. Reasonable prices, favorable terms of delivery and quality products - these are the main advantages of our store. In addition, it is very easy to work with the primers by Kodi Professional, they are easy to apply neatly, keep well both acrylic and gel, dry quickly.

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