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Ultrabond (acid-free primer), 12 ml, KODI

Price: 2.88


To ensure high-quality of gel polish coating, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the technology of nail preparation, which provides for stage-by-stage processing with the use of special means. Acid-free primer Ultrabond is a primer that enhances the adhesive properties of the nail.

In the gel polish coating and gel and/or acrylic modeling systems this product performs several functions:

  • prolongs the period of gel polish wearability;
  • serves as a protective layer;
  • promotes pronounced shine;
  • prevents the formation of yellowness;
  • prevents the development of a pathogenic environment between the nail plate and artificial coating.

Ultrabond is safe for the nail plate, does not disturb its pH balance, and is characterized by a mild and gentle action. Contains no methacrylic acid. A comfortable brush, optimal texture and liquid consistency ensure economical consumption and easy application, which allows coating the nail with a layer of the required thickness in one stroke. Suitable for all skill levels. Recommended for use in combination with Nail Fresher by KODI PROFESSIONAL.

Price: 4.60 €
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