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Special liquids

To make the manicure look perfect - use special means!

Manicure and nail extension are multi-step and multi-component procedures. At first glance it may seem that you don’t need much to make nail extension or manicure. For sure, you can do it without more than half of the means that are used by professional masters in prestigious salons, but the result will be appropriate - sloppy, unfinished, with many defects and shortcomings. To avoid this, you need to use a number of additional, special means in addition to basic materials. Special manicure liquids do not leave visible marks, but provide a general neat and beautiful appearance of nails. These include removers of sticky layer, degreasers, gel or acrylic polish removers, bases and topcoats, primers, polish dryers, cuticle oil, and more. All of these means are not visible, but without their use all the disadvantages immediately manifest themselves. Therefore, it is better not to save on these products and be sure to use them.

Special products for manicure by Kodi Professional in Cyprus

Thus, a degreaser helps to clean the nail plate and prepare it for a manicure or extension. Without it, the layer of decorative materials can be uneven, poorly bound and quickly lose its proper appearance. A remover of sticky layer is needed to remove traces of gel or acrylic polish that may remain on the cuticle or around the nail. Non-removal of a sticky layer can significantly spoil the overall appearance of the manicure. Other products also perform important functions that ultimately make the appearance of nails perfect. You can buy special products for manicure on the website of the Kodi Professional store. It is very convenient to shop in the online store - you can get acquainted with a diverse selection, choose the appropriate color and shade; order the necessary materials and tools. Also, if necessary, you can always get assistance - just ask any question to our consultants. At an affordable price, you can purchase high-quality polish bases and topcoats that will make your manicure complete. We carry out prompt delivery of our products.

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