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Cuticle remover


Beautiful manicure - it's easy with mineral  cuticle remover

Well-groomed nails - it is not just an aesthetic appearance, but also the health of your hands and, in part, of the whole organism. Your nails look very nice in bright color, but there are a number of procedures that need to be carried out for the establishment of the desired beautiful manicure.

One of the important moments in the preparation process for the application of nail polish is cuticle cutting with remover. It would seem - what could be easier? But remember how many times you are faced with the fact that due to improper removal of the cuticle appear burrs, or even cuts, which is particularly common if the procedure is carried out at home. So how do we need to remove the cuticle, whether it is possible to do at home and how to do it well?

Designation of the term

Cuticle - is the skin around the edge of the nail plate that protects the nail from the penetration, infections and bacteria. Depending on the organism, and the nail shape, cuticle can be almost invisible, and can be far "crawl" on the nail plate. If your skin is prone to dryness, the cuticle can dry out and crack. It does not look aesthetically pleasing, painful and sometimes dangerous, because germs can enter the cracks.

Methods for the cuticle removing

There are two ways of getting rid of the cuticle:

  1. Classic (the cuticle is cut using special scissors or tweezers).
  2. European (cuticle is softened and removed with orange sticks).

The second method is more secure, and is becoming popular. It minimizes the damage of the skin or cuts, and with constant use of this method slows down the growth of the cuticle.


To remove the cuticle with the European method, you need to soften the cuticles with remover (means, which is applied to the cuticle, softens it and allow painlessly removed)

Remover, depending on the composition, are two types:

  1. Alkaline. Attacks affect the cuticle, making it softer and thinner. If you are using it, you need to strictly adhere to the instructions, as in the long interaction with the skin, witha risk of burns.
  2. Acid. More sparing and skin and cuticle. To keep 15 to 25 minutes  for the necessary result.

Mineral remover cuticle from Kodi

The basis of mineral remover from Kodi include fruit acid. The advantage of this tool is that:

  • Minimizing damage to the skin around the nail plate.
  • The cuticle becomes soft and pliable.
  • Cuticle slow growth with constant use.
  • Not too dry cuticles and skin around the nail.

Now you can buy mineral remover by Kodi Professional and easy to do a manicure yourself. You will find everything you need for this procedure on our website, and now you can be a professional even at home.

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