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Nail degreaser


Kodi nail degreaser is a special product based on butyl acetate. It is used to prepare a natural nail or an artificial nail surface before applying any polymer coating, such as acrylic or gel polish.

Why do I need to prepare nails?

Keeping all the rules of nails modeling and gel polish application, you will appreciate fully the durability and resistance of this coating to mechanical stress. Your nails will be flawless for two weeks! The initial stage of preparation is the degreasing of the natural nail plate. First you need to remove a natural fatty layer and excess moisture (dehydration) from the nails. This guarantees strong contact of the nail plate with artificial coating and increases the wearability of the material. Using a professional nail degreaser by Kodi Professional, you will prepare your nails for the coating carefully without damaging or drying them.

Proper preparation of nails is a guarantee of quality coating

Properly performed preparatory work before modeling or applying gel polish will provide a high degree of the artificial material resistance to the appearance of cracks and chips, which will prolong the wearing time of the coating. Nail preparation consists of the following steps:

  1. Hygienic manicure procedure (trimmed or hardware at your choice).
  2. Disinfection of hands and nails with Antifungal product by Kodi Professional.
  3. Application of a degreaser Nail Fresher. It is used for degreasing and dehydration (removal of excess moisture) of the natural nail.
  4. Application of acid or acid-free primer (depending on the procedure).


The use of professional products, compliance with the requirements for nail modeling will provide an excellent result of the procedure. Nail Fresher degreaser combines favorable cost and such advantages as:

  • Effective removal of excess moisture, fatty secretions, as well as dust;
  • Careful change of the nail texture without the use of any abrasives, providing the best adhesion to the color coating or materials for modeling;
  • Neutral components of the product do not harm the nail, keeping its natural moisture and structure.

Apply a gel polish degreaser in two ways: using a brush or using a lint-free cloth. Using the brush you don’t lose the material. The use of a cloth causes a small loss, as part of the product remains in it.

Where to order degreasers in Cyprus?

Every woman can look perfect. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money. Affordable professional tools and products by Kodi Professional Company will help your nails look perfect under any circumstances.

Our online store of the official manufacturer KODI PROFESSIONAL offers you:

  • A wide range of tools and products for nails care and modeling;
  • Always affordable prices, regular promotions and discounts;
  • Delivery in Cyprus.

Get professional KODI PROFESSIONAL products for the perfect result!

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5.52 € Price: 4.14 €
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