Starter sets

Do you how to start the nail business? Start with the starter sets "Kodi professional"

If you want to start your salon business, open a manicure room, if you are fond of everything connected with the nail industry and the creation of the charming manicure, then you definitely need professional equipment and materials. Manicure room begins with the means to create a manicure, like the theater begins with a hanger. If you have firmly decided to learn this interesting specialty and be professionally engaged nails and everything connected with them, then you should think about the choice of the necessary materials.

We suggest you pay attention to the production of "Kodi professional", which for many years on the right holds a leading position in the ranking of the best tools for design and nail. All products are of high quality, gentle composition that does not contain a destructive nail plate component, easy to use and has wide assortments. For our clients, who are just starting to try yourself in this field, we have created a special starter sets. Starter Sets "Kodi professional" - this is a full set of professional masters of manicure, which has everything in order to make a quality manicure with a decorative coating.

Varieties of manicure starter sets

You will find several varieties of starter sets on the website of our online shop. Your choice should be depending on what exactly you want to do. For example, you can buy a starter set "Kodi professional" Manicure and nail coating of gel polish, starter set for a pedicure, nail sets for acrylic. Sets are also distinguished by their content.

You can buy a basic or light sets at an affordable price, which collected funds and materials to give your nails a beautiful shape and coating of gel polish. So, in a set of "Easy Start" you will find a nail file, buff, 3 gel polish, base and hardener for them, degreaser nail primer, an anti-adhesive layer, and means for removing the varnish. You can easily understand what you need to do with this set and in a few days became a manicure master. You can find also " a UV lamp kits, special oil for cuticles and other professional tools on the site «Kodi Professional»

Starter Sets "Kodi professional" for Lash makers

Separately, we have created a special starter sets for those who want to engage in build-up and eyelashes biowave. It will also require a number of specific tools and auxiliary materials. We suggest you to order starter set "Kodi professional" for Lash makers at an affordable price and with delivery to Cyprus to save your time and money in searching of all necessary components. The set has a degreaser, primer, micro brash, patches with collagen, curved and straight tweezers. The biowave kit further includes 3 pairs of special curlers and 3 types of lotions and kits to build - eyelash glue and remover.

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