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Organizers for the storage of cosmetic products will be able to provide comfort and cleanliness of the workplace every master of salon industry.

An important feature of any beauty salon is clean, orderly, sterility and perfect order. To support its primary goal of any professional master. To assist him, we developed a kit of special tools, tools and accessories. But often it happens that the master cabinet and, in particular, the workplace fairly small sizes, and there are too much accessories.

Varieties organizers for beauty salons

Use the special supports and boxes for cosmetics and materials to put things in order and the space was used most efficiently on your workplace. It is comfortable and practical accessories help keep on hand all the necessary and at the same time retain the order in your workplace. There are many organizers, the most popular of them -are:

  • Stand for varnishes;
  • Stand nail file and buff;
  • Stand for brushes;
  • Stand for cotton swabs and sponges;
  • Stand-organizers.

Stands for cosmetic accessories are often made of thick shatterproof plastic, Plexiglas or acrylic. These materials are sufficient strength and at the same time they are very light. Depending on where you want to place your stand, you can choose a wall mount or desktop. Wall help to save space on your desk.

Stands "Kodi professional" - available, convenient and beautiful

You can buy high-quality and convenient stand for manicure tools in Larnaca, a huge selection of different stands can be found on the website "Kodi professional". Our stands are specially designed for each of the components of manicure table. Comfortable and open stands will order all polishes, beautifully exhibited in the series of colors, they will be pleasing to the eye. You can buy a stand for hands and nail files at an affordable price. These items are often randomly scattered, and our stand will always help keep them together in the correct order.

Reasonable prices on the stand "Kodi professional" allow them to buy not only in professional salons, but in every house. If you are a lover to change manicure, you have probably kit of vials with polishes that are scattered throughout the apartment. Stands, which can be ordered with delivery to any city in Cyprus, help create at home your own nail area.

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