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Professional manicure tools


KODI PROFESSIONAL creates professional products for pedicure and manicure.They are made from high-quality medical steel with mandatory anti-corrosion treatment.Such material easily handles constant heat treatments and disinfection processes.A quality tool allows you to make your nails not only attractive, but also to prevent damage.

Professional manicure devices are an integral part of proper and high-quality hand and nail care. The result of the hygienic procedure depends on the quality of the device and whether it is easy to use.If products of poor quality are used, this can lead to the damage to the delicate skin around the nail. Such products are difficult to sharpen to the desired sharpness. Therefore, the choice of manicure tools must be approached responsibly and carefully.

Types of manicure and pedicure tools

KODI PROFESSIONAL creates reliable nail design tools:

  1. Nail and cuticle clippers;
  2. Files
  3. Scissors;
  4. Removers, pushers, hatchets;
  5. Orange sticks.

All these tools are intended both for professional work in a beauty salon and for manicure or pedicure at home. For disinfection of devices, Company Kodi produces specialized ultraviolet and ball sterilizers.


Pedicure and manicures tools from KODI PROFESSIONAL have the following advantages:

  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • The handles of the instruments have an anatomical shape, which guarantees a comfortable fixation in the hand and the performance of neat and precise movements;
  • High strength and enduring quality;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Versatility.In the product range there are bilateral products that combine the functions of two different tools, for example, a pusher with a hatchet or a pusher with a curette. The choice of this combination allows you to easily and accurately remove the cuticle, clean the surface of the nail plate.

KODI PROFESSIONAL is one of the recognized leaders in the production of professional materials used in manicure, nail extension and design.Professional tools of this brand have won the recognition and love of masters from around the world.They guarantee the achievement of the desired result.

Where can I buy manicure and pedicure tools in Cyprus?

On the website of the Company Kodi there is a large selection of manicure tools, as well as a variety of gel polishes, bases, tops and other tools that are necessary to create a magnificent nail design on sale. In the online store of professional manicure tools, you can order the desired materials at an excellent cost. You can buy goods with delivery in Cyprus.Our experts will help you choose the right tool that will become a faithful assistant in creating a perfect and beautiful manicure, regardless of whether you are a master or a beginner in the nail art.


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