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Criteria for choosing eyebrow cosmetics

To make make-up look as natural and harmonious as possible, you need to correctly select the best cosmetics for eyebrows, adhering to the basic rules.

  • Selection of color. If you use only eyebrow shadows, then their color should be two shades darker than the natural shade of the hairs on the eyebrows, if you combine several eyebrow products, then it is important that they are harmoniously combined in tone and intensity with each other.
  • The selection of the texture of the decorative eyebrows depends on the skin type and the desired visual effect. Fatter textures lay down more densely and form a more contrast eyebrow line, dry textures are suitable for feathering in any kind of makeup.
  • The composition of eyebrow cosmetics must comply with certified quality standards and contain only components that are safe for health.

Eyebrow cosmetics from Kodi Company

Depending on the type of appearance and the desired visual effect, you can choose one or more makeup products for eyebrows.

  • It is better for owners of wide brows of sufficient thickness to buy eyebrow shades in Cyprus, the cost of which will be much more advantageous when ordering shadows in a complete set for a light and shadow correction. Professional KODI PROFESSIONAL eyebrow shades are slightly different in texture and color from the usual eye shadow you are used to. Eyebrow shades are available for sale in our online store in a wide palette of universal tones, which are designed to fully match the natural colors of natural eyebrows for the main color types of the face.
  • Eyebrow pencils are used most often together with shadows to make the inner bend of the eyebrow clearer and more contrast, or on its own - if the brow width is too narrow and shape correction is required. To buy a pencil for eyebrows of high quality at an affordable price in Cyprus is possible not only for the professional work of a makeup artist, but also for everyday use at home.
  • Often, long eyebrow hairs change position throughout the day and eyebrows do not look neat, despite carefully made up makeup. To bring out the perfect shape of thick long eyebrows, not only pigmented products are needed, but you may need to buy eyebrow gel in Cyprus for long-term fixation. Professional eyebrow gel KODI PROFESSIONAL fixes the hairs of the eyebrows in the right direction and remains absolutely imperceptible, does not leave an unnatural shine and a feeling of stickiness when touched.
  • Eyebrow liner is used for tighter filling of eyebrows with saturated pigment. As a result, stylized clear lines of eyebrows of sufficiently saturated color are obtained, while a competent selection of color gamut is very important.
  • Eyebrow lipstick has a creamy gel-like texture and is well suited for dry and normal skin. Sliding texture makes it easy to apply.

Professional eyebrow makeup

In order to emphasize the natural beauty of eyebrows and to look stylish, you must be able to correctly combine eyebrow cosmetics among themselves and apply them professionally, relying on the advice and recommendations of leading eyebrows and stylists.

  • Professional makeup artists never use only one type of eyebrow cosmetics, preferring to complement the makeup with different effects. At the same time, sets of shadows for eyebrow correction are indispensable, which include all the necessary shades necessary for a professionally made makeup.
  • For applying shadows or lipstick for eyebrows, specially designed makeup brushes are used. Depending on what effect is planned to get when applying tools for eyebrows of a particular texture, brushes of the appropriate shape, size and stiffness are selected.
  • When using shading and eyebrow pencils for work, it is necessary to carefully control the thickness of the lines and the color saturation so that the eyebrow is evenly dyed and does not stand out on the face too brightly.
  • Eyebrow cosmetics are matched in color in full accordance with the natural shade of your own eyebrows and hair. If your own eyebrows are too light, then it is better to pre-paint them with professional eyebrow paint KODI PROFESSIONAL, observing the basic rules of combinations of shades of different colors.

With the terms of free delivery of ordered products, you can find on the official website of Cody Company in the section Payment and Delivery, or during online ordering.

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