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Nail art stickers

Stickers for nails - quickly and easily diversify your manicure!

Every girl wants to have beautiful, fashionable manicure. But it does not always have the opportunity or the time to regularly change the shape of the nails, nail color or gel coating. One of the easiest ways to diversify your manicure and transform it from every day to holiday and not spend at the same time a lot of time and money, is to use nail art stickers and nail stickers.

Stickers allow you to effortlessly convert discreet manicure in a bright, colorful and original. Modern nail industry has leaped in front of the development of nail stickers. Today, you can found the most amazing, diverse and not similar to each other variants of stickers on your nails in the nail shops in Larnaca. Water, on the basis of the adhesive, with holography, glitter, conversion and many other species you may purchase at an affordable cost and to diversify your manicure.

Stickers «Kodi Professional»

You will find everything you need to design your nails, including several types of labels on the site of our store.  Stickers «Kodi Professional» distinguished by their good appearance, excellent wear resistance, easy to attach to the nail and holding for a long time. They thicken the nail, not cos it bumps, do not spoil the paint. The main advantage of «Kodi Professional» stickers is that they look like hand-painted nails. Therefore, if you do not have the artistic skills of nails and you do not have time or money for a salon nail polish painted, the best solution would be to buy nail stickers in our online store at the best price.

Such an element of decor manicure suitable for natural nails and is well as for extensions and use them very easily. In order to put a sticker on the nail, you need carefully pick up it with tweezers, separated by cardboard or plastic base, adjust the size and shape using the nail scissors and fasten on the nail in the right place. When the label is located on the nail as you want, cover it Top coat in two layers, dry and remove the adhesive layer, if necessary. Bright, festive and unusual manicure is ready

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