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Gel nail polish KODI

Gel nail polishes

Gel nail polish is a unique tool that combines the properties of nail polish and gel. This combination makes possible to create a flawless, resistant coating that retains its properties for more than two weeks. The coating remains bright and intense all the time. The optimal elasticity of the coating, due to the content of plasticizers and rubber elements, prevents the occurrence of cracks and chips, and UV filters protect the material from yellowing.

Gel polish (shellac) for nails dries quickly. For polymerization (solidification) is sufficient just a few minutes in a UV lamp, or up to 30 seconds in a LED lamp. You won’t have to wait long until the coating dries, as with ordinary nail polishes!

Gel nail polishes are available in the official online store of "Kodi Company" in Cyprus. We would like to bring to your attention professional gel polishes. Using them you will make manicure and pedicure look perfect!

The catalog contains a rich color palette, from which you will most likely choose not one, but several spectacular shades.

Characteristics of “KODI PROFESSIONAL” gel nail polishes

Gel polish Kodi professional has been on the market for over 11 years. During this time, the brand has won recognition in many countries all around the world. "The Kodi Company" continues to delight its customers with the highest quality products and the latest developments in the beauty industry.

Kodi Professional gel polishes look almost the same as ordinary nail polishes, but they have a number of advantages, including:

  • Coating strength, resistance to mechanical impact. For fourteen days, the coating, created by gel polish on a gel basis retains its flawless look and is firmly held, without flaking. Gel polish (Shellac) Kodi will preserve the beauty and cared-for look of your hands on a trip or summer vacation.
  • Kodi gel polish strengthens thin and brittle nails. Under the cover, the nails do not exfoliate, remaining healthy and strong.
  • Ease to apply. The texture of gel polish provides an overall application of the product on the entire nail plate. Apply a coat of coating with one smooth movement of the brush.
  • Nail polish gel makes the nail plate strong and elastic. Nails with such a coating break much less than ones with nail polishes.
  • Fast drying. The gel polish (shellac) almost instantly dries in the ultraviolet lamp. You don’t have to wait a long time until the nail polish dries or repaint your nails due to the fact that you accidentally scratched an already dried surface.
  • Kodi gel polish does not cause allergies. Gel polish (shellac) is made without the use of toluene and formaldehyde, which can cause an allergic reaction, negatively affect the structure of the nail plate.
  • Kodi gel polish is the best choice for the coating and design of nails. According to its properties, gel polishes are the best material for covering, strengthening and designing nails, thanks to which the covering of nails with gel polishes constantly gains popularity among professionals.

These properties clearly demonstrate why the cost of gel polishes is higher than the price of simple manicure polishes.

Where you can buy gel polishes in Cyprus?

Every woman can look perfect today! To make your nails look perfect under any circumstances, choose only quality products approved by professionals all over the world.

Our online store offers you:

  • A wide range of original colored gel polishes, bases, topcoats, inexpensive and high-quality tools for pedicure and manicure, as well as tools for nail art from the manufacturer.
  • Favorable conditions for purchase. We regularly hold promotions, as well as discounts for a number of promotional positions.
  • Affordable prices for the entire range.

Make an order by phone or independently on the website, after which the manager will contact you to confirm and clarify the details of the delivery of your order.

Give yourself the pleasure of a beautiful, perfect manicure with gel polish today!


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