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«KODI PROFESSIONAL» - the best material for nail extension.

The desire of women to perfection, their desire to look irresistible beauty always encouraged beauty industry to develop themselves and invent new forms, means and methods for the realization of women's desires, what would each of them felt like a queen. Well-groomed and neat nails were always an integral part of the beautiful appearance.

That is why manicure, pedicure, nail extensions and nail design are so popular among the fair sex. Some women prefer to do a manicure yourself, others - use the services of the salon masters. But in the first and in the second case necessarily need special materials and tools for nail and design. You should only use professional quality materials to get the result of the procedure pleased for your clients. Its provide a neat job and neat appearance of future nails, it depends on them how long the nails remain in the proper form.

Benefits of Kodi Professional product

Today, in Kiev can be found many shops of professional cosmetics and materials for nails. But many masters of manicure and nail art in Cyprus prefer products of Kodi Professional. The reason for this choice is the high quality of all materials Kodi Professional, wide product range and reasonable prices.  Greatly simplification of master’s work and allowance to reduce the nail extension procedure, and possibility of nails modeling on the individual customer's wishes - that all are great distinction of Kodi Professional product

All necessary materials for the nail in one shop

You can buy all for escalating and design of nails from Kodi Professional, in our online store. You will definitely find everything you need for a comfortable and professional work. On the following pages of materials submitted site:

  • gels and nail modeling capacity;
  • rubber gels to strengthen the nail plate;
  • wide color palette gel polishes;
  • UV lamps of different power;
  • nail files, nail buff;
  • polishers for extended and natural nails;
  • professional acrylic system;
  • colored acrylic to build;
  • acrylic and form a gel capacity;
  • suitcases for professional tools and materials;
  • monomers;
  • brush for painting and modeling;
  • related materials.

Kodi Professional - the choice of professionals

«Kodi Professional» is easy to use for everyone whether you are a professional in the nail industry, or are just starting to try yourself in this field. It will allow you to create your own masterpieces of nail art. You get the most favorable terms of purchase when choosing Kodi Professional:

  • high-quality materials at an acceptable cost;
  • favorable terms of payment and delivery;
  • a variety of promotions and discounts for regular customers.

Use «Kodi Professional» products and always stay irresistible!

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