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Bright full lips of the beautiful shape, looking like a star on the cover of a glossy magazine – that is the dream of every girl. However, not everyone knows that this dream is quite achievable if you choose the right professional decorative makeup for lips and master some simple skills in working with various textures of cosmetics.

KODI PROFESSIONAL decorative cosmetics for lips

Kodi Company presents a collection of professional decorative lip make-up products in a new line of high-quality products. Cosmetics for lips KODI PROFESSIONAL allows you to create lip makeup on a professional level, having the most basic knowledge in the art of applying makeup. Our products are chosen by practicing masters of the beauty industry in many countries all around the world due to following features:

  • The composition of KODI PROFESSIONAL lip make-up includes nourishing oils and natural waxes, which have not only a visual effect, but also have a caring effect on the sensitive skin of the lips. Neutral pigments have increased color intensity, so our lip makeup is wear-resistant throughout the day.
  • Various textures of lip cosmetics (glossy, matte, with microblastic, shimmer) are combinatorial among them and are selected depending on the expected visual effect and the general stylistic direction of the make-up.
  • Due to the easy application, even an amateur can easily make high-quality lip make-up with the help of our decorative cosmetics at home, subject to the availability of the necessary tools - lip brushes.
  • A rich palette of rich colors allows you to choose cosmetics for the lips, the color of which will set off the natural shade of the skin and the face will play with bright natural colors. The color palette of KODI PROFESSIONAL lip cosmetics is represented by a romantic nude range, bright saturated colors and discreet dark colors for a business woman's business image.
  • Affordable price allows you to buy high-quality lip cosmetics in Cyprus at reasonable prices. In addition, there are promotional offers, bonus programs and interesting prize drawings for loyal customers in the Kodi Company.

The range of decorative cosmetics for the lips of the Kodi Company

Cosmetics for lips KODI PROFESSIONAL is presented in the sale of a wide range, which differ in the format of packaging and texture.

  • Lip liners have a soft lead texture that allows you to accurately and softly draw a given line of a continuous saturated contour. Natural waxes provide a tight contour line and can hold even liquid glitters within the lips.
  • KODI PROFESSIONAL Lip Gloss smoothes minor irregularities and cracks on the lips and creates a uniform flickering coating.
  • Classic lipstick has a creamy consistency and, when applied to lips with a thin saturated layer, leaves a feeling of satin silkiness of the surface. Due to the high content of oils and vitamins in the composition, the lips are saturated with nutrients.
  • Matte lipstick requires pre-treatment of lips with special gentle scrubs and nourishing balms, as the lipstick contains more pigment particles and less moisturizing ingredients.
  • The Kodi Company lipstick collection in refills provides an opportunity to create an individual palette of shades and textures for professional lip makeup. In the product catalog on the site you will also find complete sets of lipsticks in a finished version with professional makeup artists.

How to combine lip cosmetics

For girls who want to apply lips cosmetics on their own at a professional level, it will be interesting to get acquainted with several basic options for combining various cosmetics with each other, on which depends what visual effect will result in:

  1. Pencil and lip gloss. In a pair of these two tools can achieve the effect of plump moist lips. To do this, choose a pencil of a darker shade and flickering delicate sheen.
  2. Nude pencil and bright lip gloss. This combination will provide the effect of tender lips without a contour and at the same time, an invisible contour line will prevent the flowing of the glossy texture and make-up look more stylish.
  3. Pencil and glossy lipstick. Professionals recommend to accurately select these two tools in one shade, then the lips will acquire a noble shape and a deeper color.
  4. A palette of lipsticks of different shades of colors makes it possible to give lips a volume, draw a clear outline and draw a relief using professional makeup brushes.

You can buy cosmetics for lips in Cyprus in our official online store, immediately arrange delivery by phone or online. Before ordering the delivery service, it is better to clarify the detailed conditions for the implementation of transportation - the timing, amount of payment and the order of delivery by courier. Detailed information is listed directly on the Company's website.

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