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Nail Polishes


An irresistible and attractive female image - is not only beautiful clothes, picked up on the figure, hairstyle, or attractive features. Any image always consists of small things that combine to make it a harmonious, whole and complete. High-quality nail polishes «Kodi Professional» - is a tool that effectively complement any image, allowing to create an original, eye-catching beautiful manicure.

Every modern woman is trying to buy nail polishes in Larnaca or any other city choosing a color from the palette of favorite colors or colors that predominate in her wardrobe. The keyof a beautiful manicure, emphasizing the beauty of women's hands, is the resistance of the coating, a uniform distribution on the surface of the nail polish, the possibility of unusual shades of transition from one tone to another, or magic play, reminiscent of glitter stones. Good and beautiful nail polish «Kodi Professional» possess these and many other properties.

In Cyprus, many manufacturers produce coatings for manicure, but not all of them can be called a high-quality and safe for the nail. Buying nail polish, the fair sex are not only looking beautiful color. Every want to get long term color on the nails that does not crack, does not fade, as long as you can retain its originality and perfection.

Trendy and colorful nail polishes «Kodi Professional» comply all these wishes

They possess such qualities as:

  • Resistance. The coating lasts for a long time and withstands scratches and other types of damage.
  • Color saturation. Bright and deep color retains its properties throughout the "life" of a manicure.
  • Security. The coatings of our production are safe for the nail plate. They allow it to breathe, provide flexibility, prevent delamination and brittle.
  • Quality. Texture coating provides easy application, even distribution of polish over the entire surface of the nail.
  • The color variety. Kodi paints palette lets you choose colors and tones of polish to suit all tastes, choose the color to any image.
  • A variety of effects. You can choose and buy a fashionable nail polish «Kodi Professional» with the effect of "cat's eye" stone, stained glass paint, or thermo-gel polish, which allows to achieve an incredibly beautiful shades of transition.
  • Reasonable cost. Our prices are quite democratic, so you can create your own collection of colors and coating colors. Even if you use the services of manicure master, is will not be superfluous to buy professional nail polish in Larnaca to update your manicure yourself if necessary.
  • Economically. Convenient dosage coating (base and finish), as well as polishes  dosage (8 and15 ml) allow you to buy as much product as you spend, not overpaying for the amount that you cannot use.
  • Convenient brush. Thanks to «Kodi Professional» you can buy nail polish in Larnaca, which is applied to surfaces better than most, cause of special texture of the brush, which does not leave any marks and defects, evenly distributes the polish over the entire surface of the nail plate.
  • Easy to use. The application of nail polish, even with decorative effects (eg, stained gels) are easily accessible even to beginners. Most polishes are designed not only for salon use, but also for the coating in the home environment.

Buy a professional nail polish in Cyprus 

«Kodi Professional» company specializes in the manufacture and sale of professional tools for manicure and design, and nail extension. You can buy a nail polish in the online store. Ordering nail in our online shop - it is a choice in favor of advantages such as:

  • favorable prices;
  • large selection of colors and shades;
  • permanent promotions and discounts;
  • regular updating of assortment.

You can buy a nail polish in Cyprus, which has long been won recognition manicure masters from European and American countries for its quality and durability.

Using our services, you can buy a nail polish in Cyprus by issuing a delivery service.

The best nail polish «Kodi Professional» -it is the polish, which like and suits you the most! It does not matter, will it stained glass gel, thermo-gel nail or gel nail "cat's eye", or conventional coating with saturated resistant color or plain jacket - the main thing is that it suits your nails, like you, and for a long time remains novelty and beauty, has a reasonable cost.

Be compelling, be with Kodi!

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