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Eyeliner Pencil 22E, KODI

Price: 2.60

Eyeliner Pencil 22E

Modern contour pencils are not limited to black any more. Professional contour eye pencils are presented in a rich color palette, are versatile, easy to use and have safe composition. The collection of classic eye pencils by KODI PROFESSIONAL allows for easy solution of any problem in professional eye make-up. Pencil 22E is used to perform eye contour, modeling and correction of eye shape, allows making the look more expressive and deep.

The pencil is strongly pigmented, enriched with nutritious ingredients, has a fairly dense consistency with a creamy texture, due to which it does not pull or scratch the skin when applied. Is easy to blend if necessary. After application, it takes a few seconds for the pencil to get fixed on the skin, providing a lasting and intense color for a long time.

Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
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