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You don’t have any place, where you can keep manicure tools? Get suitcases «Kodi Professional»!

If you are professionally involved in nail, manicure and nail design, you probably are not just faced with the problem where and how keep all the tools, brushes and materials. Also, such a question could arise if you are a lover to do a manicure at home and is constantly becoming more and more examples of gel-polishes, inks, foils, brushes and other things. At first, all this can be kept in a drawer or in a large purse, but over time it will be not easy and is not practical, especially if you often work on the road.

An excellent solution of this problem would be roomy professional suitcase «Kodi Professional». Suitcase «Kodi Professional» - this is a very handy carrying valise with a lot of special compartments and pockets designed for a variety of tools and materials for nail and manicure. Our product range is very diverse both in terms of functionality and price, so everyone can choose the appropriate suitcase, - from the professional master  to a simple amateur.

Suitcases «Kodi Professional» - functional and portable!

You will find a variety of traveling suitcase on «Kodi Professional» website - small and large, one room and two, on the handle, on the strap and on wheels. Lightweight and compact are ideal for home use and a small number of  tools, road capacious traveling bags with detachable straps - it is a great option for anyone, who travels a lot around the city and who need a mobile bag. Such suitcase are the most popular because they are convenient, practical and affordable.

You can buy a professional suitcase in Larnaca in «Kodi Professional» company, which deals with materials and tools for extension, and knows very well what kind of suitcase it is best to accommodate everything you need. If you're a professional master, and you cannot count an amount available in your arsenal of tools – suitcase on wheels is the best choice for you. It has two separate large compartments, plenty of pockets and a comfortable retractable handle that allows it to be easily transported. Our  suitcases can be ordered with delivery in Larnaca and Cyprus.

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