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Eyebrow Powder Pencil 05 PB, KODI

Price: 6.60

Eyebrow Powder Pencil, Color: 05 PB

Creating the eyebrows of perfect shape and color is an easy task with the use of KODI PROFESSIONAL Professional Eyebrow Powder Pencil. Thanks to its soft powdery texture, it applies evenly and quickly and ensures natural, and most importantly, predicted result. Due to its unique properties, powder pencil becomes one of the most popular products for make-up artists. The series includes 8 natural shades. A series of powder pencils is designed to solve various problems of the eyebrow correction - shape modeling, drawing hairs or filling voids.

The pencil allows giving the eyebrows a flawless look with a natural effect. The pencil case is made of high-quality wood, ensuring the safety of the lead and its properties. On the back of the pencil there is a brush for styling the eyebrows. The product is characterized by a high content of pigments, does not contain mineral oils. The saturation of the shade is achieved by layer-by-layer application.

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