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Eyebrow Powder Pencil 08 PB, KODI

Price: 6.60

Eyebrow Powder Pencil 08 PB

The use of powder pencil in the eyebrow make-up allows achieving natural softness of lines and naturalness of the final result. The palette of the collection includes 8 natural shades that combine well with different color types of appearance. The main difference of this pencil is a special soft "powdery" texture, which gives off the pigment well and allows for quick adjustment of the eyebrows color and shape. A special brush is intended for styling of hairs and giving them a faultless form. The case made of California cedar protects a lead from damages, keeps its properties. The pencil is used to model the shape, draw individual hairs and fill voids. Layer-by-layer application is recommended to achieve a rich color.

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