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Eyebrow Powder Pencil 06 PB, KODI

Price: 6.60

Powder Eyebrow Pencil 06 PB

Incredibly pleasant texture and “soft” natural shades - this is a new collection of KODI PROFESSIONAL powder eyebrow pencils, which are rapidly gaining popularity among the professional make-up artists. Pencils from this collection combine precision of lines, ease of application and versatility of the palette. The KODI PROFESSIONAL series of powder eyebrow pencils embodies the desire for maximum naturalness in the eyebrow make-up.

The pencil is characterized by a high pigment content which is easy to apply. Mineral oil free. Do not smear, is resistant to high temperatures and moisture. The California cedar, the pencil case is made of, reliably protects the lead from deformation and ensures the safety of properties. The pencil is used for modeling the shape and correction of eyebrows of all kinds, and a special brush ensures perfect styling of the eyebrows. The intensity of the shade is achieved by layer-by-layer application. The series includes 8 natural shades.

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