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Eyebrow Powder Pencil 07 PB, KODI

Price: 6.60

Eyebrow Powder Pencil 07PB

Collection of the eyebrow powder pencils by PROFESSIONAL makes the process of eyebrow shape correction and modeling easy and comfortable. The collection's palette includes 8 natural shades, which makes it possible to choose the best option for both blondes and brunettes. The main advantage of the product is a soft powdery texture, which makes the application quick and convenient and allows for achievement of the most natural appearance of the eyebrows.

The pencil is highly pigmented, gives a good color when applied, is resistant to high temperatures in the hot period. The pencil case is made of high quality wood, which deliberately protects the lead from deformation and ensures the safety of its decorative properties. The pencil is ideal for drawing individual hairs, as well as for full modeling of the shape, and the brush on the back helps to shade the pigment and lay the hairs. The intensity of the shade is achieved by the layer-by-layer application.

Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
Price: 2.60 €
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