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Competition powder


Many of the girls concerned about issues such as brittle nails exfoliating, irregular nail plate, the inability to grow the desired length. But nails are one of the most important elements to create the own unique image. How to make a perfect manicure and do not to harm natural nails?

Competition powder Kodi Professional

Fortunately, for many women, who want to have a stunning manicure, nail-industry workers developed a remarkable material - acrylic. Now you can create such nails as you wanted! Any length, shape, alignment of your own nail plate - everything is possible with competition powder.

"It is a great pleasure to work with such material," - many experts in the field of nails noted. This material simply applies on the nail, and lends itself to equalize to the desired shape. However, it does not spread on the nail and does not climb on the cuticle. Strong adhesion to the natural nail makes manicure durable and reliable. Another positive quality of this type of acrylic is that it consists of components, preventing yellowing and premature failure of the nail and UV absorbers retain its density. Such accrued nails can keep up to three weeks without correction and any additional modeling. The price of these products will surprise any buyer.

Thousands of women are satisfied with nails, extended with competition powder Kodi. This material has proven over the years, and every day perfected the technology to achieve the best results. All products are tested and Kodi takes highest indicators in quality in the nail industry.

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You can order any desired material in our online store, and courier service will deliver a package to any address in Cyprus. You can pick up your goods in Larnaca in our store by yourself. Another pleasant surprise for you: when ordering over 350 UAH delivery in Larnaca completely free!


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