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Hands care


Hands are our visit card

In our society it is not considered respectable to ask a woman about her age. However the appearance speaks for itself. Yes, we can hide our age with the help of cosmetics and various beauty procedures, but our hands betray us and nullify all the efforts.

Kodi Professional knows the solution

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are not just about a manicure. Well-groomed hands begin with well-groomed skin. Beautiful manicure is just a finishing touch. Use SPA cosmetics for hands by Kodi Professional for the perfect look of your hands:

  1. Peeling for hands. It removes keratinized cells and prepares the delicate skin of your hands for further procedures.
  2. Lotion provides water and fat balance.  This is an important aspect of the hands skin care because we need to wash our hands up to 15 times a day, and the skin does not have time to regenerate itself after aggressive soapy environment.
  3. Moisturizing cream. Apply it after every session of your hands washing + before going outside and for a night.
  4. Nutritious cream. Apply it during the day in the winter season and at night - in the summer.

No unpleasant residue

Every woman at least once faced with the problem of unpleasant oily film on the hands skin after application of the cream. It causes discomfort and even can be dangerous (it clogs the pores and the skin does not breathe). Buy SPA cosmetics for hands and forget about it forever.

Our products will give you:

  1. The feeling of tenderness;
  2. Moisturizing throughout the day and even more;
  3. Strong and well-groomed nails cuticle;
  4. Delightful aroma (mango, shea butter, grapefruit).

The highest quality of the Kodi Professional products is confirmed by feedback from our loyal customers.

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