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Nail paint brush


Nail design brushes

Today even in a strict office dress code various nails drawing techniques are used. Brushes for nail design allow the technician to put an interesting ornament or a delicate flower on one or two nails, creating a compromise between strict monotony and bright fashionable images.

Company Kodi presents a professional brush for nails painting, which allows to create floral patterns easily, both at home and in the professional nail art. Brushes are presented in different thickness and density to create all kinds of patterns and substrates.

How to choose a brush for nails painting?

  1. High-quality brush is characterized by the strong cap that holds the nap.
  2. Naps in the brush are distributed evenly and tightly, directed in one direction.No loose naps.
  3. Nail design brush for should be elastic. This property provides nylon - elastic synthetic material. Nylon brush is easy to care for.It is durable and firm.
  4. It is important that the brush has a comfortable handle and lay well in your hand.
  5. Nail art brushes can appear in different shapes, depending on the application.They are flat, round, beveled, oval, straight and thin. The shape of the brush depends on its purpose.For example, a brush for painting columns has the thinnest tip and is designed to draw fine, sharp lines.

What effects create nail art brushes?

  • For Chinese painting are used brushes that are beveled at an angle. They are convenient to draw leaves, flower buds and petals.
  • Flat brush - nail design with the gradient. Such brushes are used in Chinese painting and ombre technique, as well as in other nail-art techniques.
  • Thin long brush for nail painting Kodi is indispensable in drawing a smile line in a French design. A thin short brush is used to create subtle ornaments and drawing small parts.
  • Fan brushes create the basis of the pattern.

How to care for nail design brushes?

Nail art brushes are designed to work with acrylic paints, gel paints, color gel polishes. After applying the picture, it is recommended to remove residual acrylic with KODI PROFESSIONAL Cleanser. Apply the product to a lint-free cloth, then gently wrap the brush for a few seconds and smoothly move from the capsule holding the pile to the tip. After cleaning, the tool must be dried, eliminating the ingress of ultraviolet rays. Dry brushes are stored in a special case.

Where to buy professional nail design brushes in Cyprus?

Every girl can try her hand at nail art today! It is enough to get a few brushes and give vent to fantasy.

In our online store you will find:

  • A wide range of high-quality one-sided and double-sided professional nail design brushes.
  • Favorable price offers, promotions.
  • Continuous updating of the range.
  • Delivery in Cyprus.
  • Affordable cost of the entire product range.

Make an order online or call us by phone. Our managers will contact you to clarify all the details of delivery.

Make your nails beautiful and bright today with professional materials from KODI PROFESSIONAL!

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