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Blush brushes


Does it exist the best blush brush and how it choose

The question of existence of optimal brush for powder and blush is determined solely by the individual requirements of our customers. When there is a wide range of brushes available for sale online stores, you can quickly become confused. In order, do not make a mistake and buy a brush for applying blush in Larnaca or abroad is ideally suitable for you, you need to get acquainted with some features and purpose brushes for powder and blush KODI PROFESSIONAL.

  1. Large fluffy brush with round shape KODI PROFESSIONAL easily applied to the face loose and ball powder or blush. Due to its softness, a layer of cosmetics obtained uniform and thin, allowing the skin to breathe. Thanks to its special shape and structure lint, brush is gaining too much money and do not spray it around. You can also apply the bronzer and highlighter with.
  2. The beveled blush brush is intended for accurate drawing facial details and correcting shadows. It is possible to quickly emphasize cheekbones or make facial contouring due to special shape of the brush. It is easy to apply and shade blush using a beveled fluffy brush in several lightly.
  3. Conical-shaped brush is easy to smooth out sharp boundaries between the powder and rouge different textures. Cosmetics particles are evenly distributed in the skin with, creating a delicate transition of different shades.
  4. Fan brush for makeup KODI PROFESSIONAL has a long tough bristle and gently removes crumbled when applying shadows under the eyes. Also, it can be applied to the powder in the temples and near the ears.
  5. Brush for bronzer has a tapered shape and a large volume for a more natural distribution of shimmering particles on the skin. The applying a uniform layer of bronzer and a smooth transition of shades is achieved with it helps.  
  6. Kabuki Brush KODI PROFESSIONAL has very thick pile in the ball shape, which is firmly attached to a comfortable short handle that easily fits in the palm and makes cosmetic application process quick and comfortable. This brush is ideal for applying powder with a creamy structure, compacted or baked blush and bronzers and irreplaceable for applying mineral makeup. When you work with a brush kabuki, powder rubbed into the skin in a circular motion, filling all the irregularities and polishing the skin to full opacity. As for the design, you can order a cream blush brush in Cyprus and abroad on our site, with a black or red-haired, which looks very unusual and decorate your cosmetic tools arsenal.
  7. The flat brush is very useful for applying compact powder and blush.
  8. Small brushes are perfect for correcting shadows dry cosmetics.

Advantages of blush brush KODI PROFESSIONAL

Any brush for blush and powder KODI PROFESSIONAL has a number of advantages, which provide comfortable work with, and unsurpassed results.

  • In the brush production for the application of powder and blush KODI PROFESSIONAL use only natural hypoallergenic goats bristle. It can be of different thicknesses, which allows it to work with materials of varying texture and porosity lint allows you to dial the metered quantity of powder.
  • Fluffy assistant will serve you for a very long time due to strong fastening of all elements of the brush and their high quality. Bristle is firmly fixed in the capsule so brush KODI PROFESSIONAL do not shed, remaining fluffy and volume.
  • Typesetting technology of villi holding in the desired shape beam allows qualitatively and delicately shaded cosmetics, give pleasure for while your skin extremely soft and gentle touches.
  • The special bristle shape can dramatically save applied cosmetics without scattering it around and picking up just the right amount.
  • Ergonomics of our brushes help to make master work much faster and more comfortable.

How to buy a blush brush in Cyprus or abroad

Cost of brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL is justified, since you get a high-quality beauty gadget that will last many years with proper care and proper use. In addition, such a price quickly pays for itself through more economical use of cosmetics with.

In our online shop, you cannot just buy a blush brush in Cyprus or abroad to order it in the range, but also to purchase with it a special case to storing brushes. This accessory is especially important if you like to travel and often take makeup with you. Case securely protects the pile of brushes from damage during transportation, not allowing him to bend or dusty. If you are in another country, you can buy a blush brush in Larnaca, make an order on the official website Kodi company. In this case, the delivery terms are discussed with the manager over the phone.

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