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Brushes for nails

Manicure brushes are special brushes of various shapes, length and density of the pile, designed for art painting on the gel polish coating. Also, brushes are actively used during gel or acrylic extension. A separate category of brushes is used for dimensional acrylic molding.

Types of brushes

Professional brushes for nail extension from Kodi Company can be divided into the following groups:

  • Brushes for nail gel.A distinctive feature is tightly packed, elastic and middle stiff pile.They have a flat shape of the working part, thinning to the tip.Such an even or oval shape of the brush allows the master to create a smooth “smile” line during French modeling easily, as well as to work with the gel, giving a smooth shape to the nail.
  • Brushes for acrylic modeling. The brushes of this series are round or oval in shape with a pile narrowed to the tip.They have a different size for ease of use.They are made only from natural lint (columns) to ensure maximum absorption of the monomer and its homogeneous distribution onto the surface of the nail plate.These brushes are also suitable for creating dimensional nail art or acrylic modeling.
  • Brushes for the Chinese nails painting.These brushes are specially designed by the popular KODI PROFESSIONAL brand for artistic painting on nails.

At different stages during gel or acrylic modeling technician needs brushes of various shapes and sizes. In addition to brushes, technician also needs a set of various tools for nail design such as rhinestones, beads, foil, etc. You can order brushes for gel or acrylic modeling in our online store.

The peculiarities of KODI PROFESSIONAL brushes

Company Kodi offers its customers only professional brushes, which have such advantages:

  1. Tools are made from high-quality natural and artificial materials that are excellent for working with various polymeric nail products.
  2. Durability.The structure of the pile brushes remains unchanged for a long time.
  3. Brushes for nails painting have a different shape and size, allowing the technician to embody any creative ideas.During production, all brushes undergo rigorous screening and testing to ensure you the highest quality.
  4. Nail brushes are made in case.For easy storage and protection of the fleecy part from damage, the brushes are equipped with protective covers or tubes.
  5. Regardless of the design form, the origin of the pile, the shape and size, all Kodi Company brushes are sold at affordable price. You can get them both for professional and domestic use.

Storage and Cleaning Tips

Brushes for Chinese painting, as well as brushes for modeling, require delicate care and full cleaning. Care of tools will keep the original state of the pile, its elasticity and rigidity for a long time.

Terms of care:

  • For a nails painting brush and other types of brushes, use a professional Cleanser product from the popular KODI PROFESSIONAL brand applied on a cotton pad or lint-free napkin;
  • Start cleaning from the base to the tip, along the entire length of the nap;
  • It is necessary to give the initial shape to the nap in a wet form so that after drying the brush is ready for work;
  • Peeled brushes for acrylic and painting should be stored in a place protected from direct sunlight.

Where to buy nail brushes KODI in Cyprus?

In the online store of the official manufacturer KODI PROFESSIONAL you can purchase all the necessary professional tools and products for creating excellent nail art at competitive prices.

We deliver in Cyprus.

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