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Brushes for foundation and concealer


Benefits of creating make-up with brushes

Flawless skin tone corresponding to natural colors, is the key of successful, exquisitely executed makeup. This result can be easily achieved by using high quality professional application of makeup brush for foundation KODI PROFESIONAL. Many women believe that this is an indispensable tool is an attribute of a professional makeup artist, and at home tone cream can be applied with fingers. However, if you decide to order brush for foundation KODI PROFESSIONAL, you will make sure, as far as is comfortable and pleasant application.

  • Hygienic procedures. If you applied tone cream with fingers, it may cause a risk not only to bring the bacteria and spoil the rest in a jar foundation, but also harm the skin (trigger inflammation, irritation or rash). If you clean professional brush of Kodi regularly and correctly, you will be protected from such inconveniences.
  • The uniformity of application. It is hard enough to shade thick consistency of tonal resources with sponge or fingers, especially if the skin surface is not perfectly smooth. If you choose the right brush for perfect contour correction, it will retouch transition foundation to the neck and hair, gently distributed over the skin means any textures without divorces and strips. In addition, you can buy brush corrector in any suitable form to you in Cyprus or abroad.
  • Natural make-up. Only with the brush, you can achieve the perfect natural effect. For example, a concealer brush KODI PROFESSIONAL not smearing means, but gently smooths it, filling all pores and minor defects. So, the tone of the applied layer is organically combined with the natural color of the skin.
  • Thriftiness. The cost of brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL quickly recouped due to economical consumption of base and concealer. The special shape and structure of the pile, the brush does not absorb surplus funds tone. That is why the decision to buy a brush for foundation in Kyiv or abroad will be relevant for those who like an expensive luxury cosmetic.

The key of criteria selection

Among the wide range presented on the Kodi site, you can easily pick up and buy a brush for foundation in Larnaca or abroad, which is more than any other will suit your individual needs. Brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL differ such advantages:

  • Composition. In the production of brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL for liquid tonal foundations and concealers used synthetic nylon bristles. It is much easier to apply liquid funds with a dense texture with it, due to the elasticity and smoothness of the villi. The service life of our brushes is long enough, as the fat foundation doesn’t not absorbed into the pile, greatly facilitating that care for them.
  • Rigidity. Brushes for foundation and concealer from Kodi have an optimum rigidity, which ensures an equal distribution of tonal creams, gently putting it on the skin and does not cause unpleasant sensations at the same time.
  • Ergonomics. Durable steel cap is securely attached to the handle of convenient streamlined shape of high-quality matte plastic. Due to such surface, a brush does not slide in the palm of your hand during working. On our website is available a wide range of models in different sizes, so choose and buy a concealer brush in Larnaca or abroad, ideal size and shape for you very easily.

In the catalog of Kodi online store you can see the actual prices that make our brush for foundation and concealer are available not only for salon makeup artists, but also for home use.

Brushes KODI PROFESSIONAL: Purpose and types

The choose of brush depends on the destination and texture tone means that you use regularly. Kodi presents different types of brushes, which master should have in their arsenal to create a perfectly flat tone:

  • Wide flat brush with straight bristles are designed for applying liquid foundation. Brushes should clap movement uniform distribution of tones. Brushes with a short nap volume suitable for application of dense textures uniform saturated layer.
  • Rounded brush with a flat base are universal and can be used as a basic tool for applying a liquid foundation and pressed shadows, blush and powder. Apply the product with soft massage movements.
  • Beveled brush as accurately and smoothly transitions to shade contrasting tonal resources of different textures. Also, the right decision will be ordered to correct facial brush with a beveled edge and resilient pile which is not replaceable for sculptural modeling of the face. It can be applied means of precise movements, highlighting the cheekbones and radically changing the shape of the face.
  • Brushes concealer easy to camouflage problem areas (such as under the eyes) and applied to the skin means a dot. Narrow brush pile differ for length and degree of sharpness of the tip. Indispensable for applying concealer in inaccessible places (corners of the eyes or the nose).

On Kodi website you can not only buy a brush for founadation in Cyprus and abroad to order delivery, but also buy special covers for professional storage and transportation of your cosmetic tools.

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