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False eyelashes

Be irresistible with Kodi.

The bright glint of a woman’s eyes, hidden under the thick veil of luxurious, long eyelashes, awakens the men’s imagination and beglamours the female image. Modern technologies and scientific achievements in the field of the lash-industry allow each girl to create her own unique image with the help of the eyelash extension procedure, which has become common. Eyelashes KODI PROFESSIONAL completely imitate the texture of natural hairs, differing from them only by bend, density and length. In the production are used only hypoallergenic silicone fibers, developed according to innovative formulas using the latest technologies.

Eyelash classification for extensions and selection characteristics

Before you do eyelashes extension, it is better to consult an experienced lash maker (eyelash extension wizard) and order the procedure from a trusted specialist. After all, your beauty and health depend on how well the material is chosen and how carefully the procedure itself is carried out. What is the difference between different silicone extension eyelashes and how to choose the best one:

  1. Length range: from 6 mm (minimum length of the eyelash eyelashes) to 16 mm (maximum length) allows you to carry out the extension procedure with a harmonious result corresponding to natural eyelashes.
  2. The thickness of artificial eyelashes varies from 0.05 mm to 0.20 mm. The choice of master by extension procedure is based on the thickness of the client's natural eyelashes. If your own hair is thin and weak, then it is absolutely impossible to choose thick heavy artificial eyelashes. Such an extension will not only look heavy and unnatural, but can also harm your own eyelashes.
  3. Current eyelash curvatures for KODI PROFESSIONAL extension: B, C, D, CC, L (from mild, smooth bending to super-curved to get the effect of curled eyelashes). The degree of bending is chosen depending on what effect you expect from the eyelash extension procedure.

Today you can grow eyelashes in a variety of techniques:

  • Extension with a natural effect, in which lashes of a different length are used (depending on the change in the length of the client's natural eyelashes).
  • Extension with a doll effect. All artificial eyelashes come from the same length.
  • Beam eyelash extensions are made by gluing artificial eyelashes in the finished bundle to your own eyelashes in one or several places, at a same distance from each other.
  • 3D extension is based on the fact that up to three artificial lashes are glued to each natural eyelash. The result is a glamorous effect of voluminous thick eyelashes, which does not look very natural and is made for photo shoots and fashion parties.

Natural eyelashes for extension: a myth or reality

Kodi Company uses only synthetic materials in the production of artificial eyelashes for several reasons:

  • Hypoallergenic synthetic material for eyelashes. Natural lashes can cause serious reactions of the mucous eye membrane, not to mention the fact that all kinds of microorganisms can start there. Silicone material is absolutely neutral and sterile, both for extension and wearing.
  • The wear-resistance of artificial eyelashes is much higher than that of natural lash, which can fluff out and lose its curl shape during long wear time.
  • The cost of artificial materials is much more affordable than the costs of procedure with natural raw materials, but there is practically no noticeable difference in texture.

Practically all manufacturers of lash materials are on the same page, so if you are offered to extend for example mink eyelashes, then this is most likely just a designation of the texture of synthetic eyelashes.

On the sale in the official site of the Kodi Company eyelashes for extension are presented in several packaging formats:

  1. In the jars are presented eyelashes of the same size, curvature and thickness.
  2. On the spreader are represented eyelashes for extension that can be the same size or with a gradual increase.
  3. Eyelashes in bunches are used for beam extension.
  4. False eyelashes on the tape are used for a one-time evening make-up and are glued directly onto the skin of the eyelid (along the entire length or at the outer corners of the eyes).

You can buy eyelashes for extension in Cyprus at affordable prices with delivery on the Company's website, as well as from our official representatives abroad.

Eyelash bio-perm is a gentle procedure for curling your own natural eyelashes, thanks to which you can achieve maximum bending and wide-open eyes effect for up to three months without using artificial lashes.

Step-by-step eyelash perm procedure

With our materials for eyelash perm, you can carry out this simple procedure even at home, carefully following the step-by-step technology:

  1. First, a softening lotion is applied to the previously cleaned eyelashes.
  2. A thin layer of KODI PROFESSIONAL glue is applied to the curlers matched to the length of the eyelashes.
  3. Using a convenient brush or tweezers, we wind the prepared eyelashes onto a curler pad and distribute it over its surface.
  4. We cover lashes with a layer of fixing lotion KODI PROFESSIONAL and wait for 20-30 minutes, depending on the density of the client's eyelashes.
  5. After the procedure, it is recommended to regularly use a special nutritional balm to restore the hydro-balance and to launch enhanced growth of natural eyelashes.

Hair curlers for perm with KODI PROFESSIONAL

If you want to make perm for yourself, then you just need to order eyelash curlers of one individual size, but for professional masters that work with a lot of clients it is better to choose perm curlers of different formats:

  1. For short eyelashes.
  2. For eyelashes of medium length.
  3. For long eyelashes.

In our online store you will find a rich assortment of materials and special products for eyelash perm at affordable prices.

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