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Nozzles for routers

Nozzle varieties for manicure router

Fraser - a special device for hardware manicure. Many women prefer this type of manicure, so you can see the router practicaly in any nail salon. The feature and practical use of this device is that it can be connected to different interchangeable heads, thus carry out the necessary procedures with the nail plate. Replaceable nozzles for the router - it is an essential thing for every manicure and pedicure master, as they can help to make a manicure any complexity.

There are several types of nozzles for the router. Such an abundance of nozzles have been devised for better treatment of nails, grinding and hardware acceleration for manicure. Nozzles differ in their purpose, as well as the material from which they are made. The nozzle for manicure are made of a softer material than for a pedicure. The following types of nozzles for the router:

  • ceramic;
  • metal;
  • diamond.

Ceramic nozzles are the most common. The basis for their creation - ceramic chips, which is mixed with the adhesive. Ceramic nozzles differ in abrasiveness and are perfect for a pedicure. You can safely and easily handle the rough skin of the feet, make pedicure any complexity. Metal nozzle are no less convenient and effective. They are also well suited for hardware pedicure. Metal nozzles can be straight, crosswise or oblique. This variety of forms is able to handle every foot section the most qualitative way.

Diamond nozzles "Kodi professional"

You can buy attachments for the router in Larnaca in the website "Kodi professional". The quality and variety of attachments, which can be found in our online store, greatly facilitate and accelerate the procedure of pedicure and manicure. We have presented diamond nozzles at an affordable price, which are very popular among professional master. They are ideal for working with acrylic and gel polishes. You can order any of the nozzles with the deliver on Cyprus.

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