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The perfect skin tone is the basis of any make-up, since the smoother and the more natural tone of the face looks, the brighter and more effective the rest of the colors and shading look. To achieve this result, it is necessary to select and buy decorative cosmetics for the face of a certain level, as professional decorative cosmetics for the face is somewhat different from ordinary cosmetics in its properties, composition, quality level, purpose and, accordingly, price.

5 steps to flawless skin tone

Unlike amateur makeup, professional work to create the perfect tone of the skin of the face and neck involves the integrated use of several types of decorative cosmetics for the skin.

  1. Before applying the dense highly pigmented tonal means, it is necessary to protect the skin with the help of special basic means for professional makeup, which will prevent clogging of the pores and moisturize the skin of the face.
  2. Then it is necessary to smooth out the main tone of the face, choosing the tone of the tonal base as accurately as possible for the natural skin color and carefully shading it so that the face does not contrast with the neck and looks natural.
  3. The subsequent light and shadow correction already requires certain practical skills and level of professionalism from the master makeup artist. For a quality result, it is necessary to know exactly where to place the shadows and the main accent flares and what decorative means to use for this.
  4. After the main work on contouring and applying tones is done, the skin is matted with powder to make the face silky and with an effect of internal radiance.
  5. The final touch is the application of a light blush to emphasize the elegant line of the cheekbones and give the face a healthy, fresh look. If you use a blush liquid or cream-like texture, then they must be applied before the powder.

Professional cosmetics for the face KODI PROFESSIONAL

Professional facial cosmetics are available in our online store in a wide range of textures and various formats of decorative products that allow the master to choose the most convenient option for the job.

  • To prepare the face for applying professional makeup, a special moisturizing cream-base KODI PROFESSIONAL, as well as a makeup base, leveling the natural tone of the face and camouflaging minor skin imperfections (redness, irritation, wrinkles), have been developed. Makeup bases are presented in a convenient vacuum bottle with dispenser in the form of granules, which are in hyaluronic acid (white, green, pink, purple).
  • Make up foundations can be ordered in standard vacuum packages, compact sticks and universal refills to create individual sets of light and shadow correction.
  • Professional concealers and highlighters KODI PROFESSIONAL can reliably hide dark circles under the eyes, and adjust the relief of the face. Means are presented in liquid, cream-shaped and pressed dry version.
  • Powder and rouge from Cody Company are represented by a natural palette of shades in a matte and shimmering texture, to create a variety of visual effects. The fine dispersion of pigmented particles provides economy of application and ease of feathering.

Why buying from us professional face cosmetics in Cyprus is more profitable

  • Kodi Company guarantees high quality of its products, as only thoroughly tested modern technologies and innovative developments are used in production in collaboration with leading professionals. KODI PROFESSIONAL cosmetics are made in full compliance with the approved certificates and regulations, so our products are marked with a high quality mark.
  • Professional decorative face cosmetics KODI PROFESSIONAL differ with advanced formulas of the composition, in which hypoallergenic minerals and natural ingredients are harmoniously balanced
  • A variety of combinatorial textures allows you to create light shading and tone transitions for the most natural relief of the face, and an extended palette of foundations from the Kodi Company provides the naturalness of the created makeup.
  • Due to its democratic cost and economical expenditure, face makeup cosmetics KODI PROFESSIONAL won supporters not only among professional makeup artists and stylists, but also among amateurs.
  • Prompt delivery by courier is carried out free of charge within the country, subject to an order for a certain amount (For more information on the terms of delivery, please visit the Company's website)
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