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Nail dotting tools


Dotting tools for nail design: easy or difficult

To create thin patterns and to draw fine details, nail art masters use dotters for nails. It is a tool consisting of a wooden or plastic handle and a metal working part with a ball at the end. Dots are one-sided and two-sided, straight and curved, have a different ball diameter.

In the official Kodi online store are presented bilateral dotters for nail design with balls of different sizes:

  1. Large (3mm. - 1,5mm.).They are intended for large round and spherical fragments of the design;
  2. Medium (2.5mm. - 1mm.).They are used to draw large dot patterns, monograms.
  3. Small (2mm - 0.7mm.).They are needed for fine painting with a large number of small fragments.

These tools are designed both for professional practice and for domestic use.With them it is easy for beginners to master different techniques of nail art, “draw” an exact smile line for a French design, and create designs with acrylic paint dots of a contrasting color or small rhinestones.

Features of the nail dotters KODI PROFESSIONAL

  • Ball tips of the tools are absolutely smooth, due to which the lines and points in the figure are smooth and sharp.
  • The different diameters of the balls-tips allows to create a beautiful complex pattern with several bilateral tools.
  • A sufficient amount of coloring material is collected on the ball. Adjusting the slope, the master draws lines, curls, commas and monograms of different thickness.
  • Manicure dots for Kodi are designed not only for drawing, but also for decorating nails with small rhinestones, sequins, bouillons. Using them it is convenient not only to apply the decor on the nail plate, but also to get it out of the jar.
  • Dots for nail design are used to create embossed images on an acrylic or gel coating, adding three-dimensional design elements to a hardening gel or acrylic.
  • This tool quickly puts on the nail the desired pattern, requiring a minimum of paint, unlike brushes, which absorb a portion of the coloring material in the pile. Dots transfers paint to the nail without residue.
  • Easy care.It is enough to wipe the tool with a lint-free cloth with a cleanser.
  • Durability.Breaking or spoiling the dotters is extremely difficult.

Where to buy nail design dotter in Cyprus?

In the official online store you can buy a set of nail design dotters with delivery in Cyprus.

Our online store has:

  • A large assortment of original quality products for nail design from the manufacturer Kodi Company;
  • Reasonable prices for all products;
  • Regular promotions;
  • Discounts for regular customers.

The beauty of nails depends not only on the skill of the master, but also on the quality of the tools and materials used in the work.

Choose the best! Choose Kodi!

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