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Lamination and biowaving


KODI PROFESSIONAL glue for eyelash perm

In Cyprus it is very important to choose and buy the perm glue carefully, examining the composition of the product and taking into account the reviews of professional masters about the quality of the product and the nuances of its application. Not only the result of your work, but also the safety of the client depends on the choice of perm glue, since working in the eye zone is a very delicate process. Bio- perm glue from Kodi Company is developed with a special hypoallergenic formula that provides a gentle effect on natural eyelashes and doesn’t cause damage at the structural level.

Additional materials and tools for eyelash bio perm

 In addition to the basic materials for eyelash bio perm, professional tools and fixed assets, it is also necessary to buy materials for eyelash perm with delivery in Cyprus, performing auxiliary functions and specifically designed for this procedure. For example, in the arsenal of the wizard must necessarily be:

  • KODI PROFESSIONAL lint-free brushes so that nothing gets into the eyes of the client during the procedure. Convenient brush applicator allows you to gently put the eyelashes on the perm pad, evenly distributing fixing lotion on them.
  • Special gel patches from Kodi Company are also very convenient. They prevent irritation of particularly sensitive skin under the eyes caused by perm products.

Advantages of KODI PROFESSIONAL perm kit

Wrong product selection or failure to comply with the stages of the procedure of eyelash perm is fraught with unpleasant consequences. In order not to waste time and not worry about their choice, practitioners recommend to buy a set for eyelash perm in Cyprus, which includes products from one manufacturer.

  • The fact is that, combining materials and special liquids (glue, softening lotions) of different companies, you risk an unforeseen chemical reaction that can damage the health of the client.
  • It will also be difficult for the master to predict the result of the perm procedure, since it can neutralize or weaken the effect of another product and perm will either not work out at all or will not last long.
  • That is why Kodi Company has launched ready-made complete sets for eyelash perm, which have everything you need to conduct a perm at a professional level.
  • Another reason to buy an eyelash perm kit in Cyprus at its affordable price, which is much more profitable than ordering each product separately.
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