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Gel nail polish remover


Gel polish (acrylic) remover is a special product with a non-acetone composition that gently removes gel polish or acrylic polymer residues from the surface of the nail plate.

Shellac remover fluid makes it easy to change the design of your nails so that it always matches the style of clothing or event you are attending, whether it's a dinner party or a date. With these products, you do not need the ""universal"" color gel polish! Change it when necessary.

Acrylic nail remover TIPS OFF KODI PROFESSIONAL on a non-acetone basis with useful mineral particles in the composition positively affects the natural nail plate, strengthening it. Professionals recommend the use of nourishing oil after applying TIPS OFF. Doing so you protect your nails from dehydration (moisture loss). The low price makes the product affordable even for domestic use.

Stages of the procedure

Liquid remover by Kodi Company affects the natural nail effectively, but delicately. Thanks to the versatility of this product is handles easily both gel-polish coatings and acrylic coatings, without any special efforts.

Stages of the artificial coating removal:

  1. In order the product to work faster, work up the artificial covering using 100/100 file until the surface is completely matte.
  2. Soak the lint-free napkins in TIPS OFF and attach to the nails, fixating them with foil or special clothespins. Strength of the product differs depending on the volume of the bottle. According to this, the amount of time required for the procedure differs. If the acrylic remover is in a volume of 160 ml, the waiting time is about 15 minutes, and if 250 ml - about 10 minutes.
  3. When the necessary time passes, start working with each nail separately. Do not open all your fingers at once, because when in contact with air TIPS OFF loses its effect on the polymer.
  4. After removing the product, rub nourishing oil into each nail. This will help to avoid dehydration of the nail plate.

It is worth noting that any good nail polish remover has a peculiar and sharp smell, despite the addition of flavors and plant extracts. This happens due to the concentration of solvent components in the composition, and the weaker the smell is, the smaller the amount of solvents is. The odorless product is rather a cheap advertising trick than an effective preparation for removal of the polymer coating.

Where to buy liquid gel remover in Cyprus?

In the catalog of our online store you will find nail polish remover, as well as other products and tools for nail design, meant for home use and professional practice. For the home use a 160 ml bottle is enough. Salon masters can use product in a volume of 200-500 ml, since a large number of customers needs TIPS OFF.

Delivery of all goods in Cyprus

We are trying to make professional KODI PROFESSIONAL products available for every woman and offer:

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  • Fast delivery of orders;
  • Regular replenishment of assortment.

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