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Clear monomers


Beautiful, strong, healthy nails - the dream of every woman. But not every nature has bestowed such happiness. That's why experts nail industry came up with an ingenious way to bring your manicure to perfection – nail extension. Professionals will help create just such nails as you wanted for a couple of hours with. You can model their size, shape, design and create a chic manicure by yourself.

One of the most popular materials for nail extension is acrylic. Professionals say that it is very easy to work with, it does not spread easily and takes the form as needed. It is easy to apply and easy to remove and does not require extra costs in time. Customers are satisfied with the fact that for two - three weeks do not need correction, it does not turn yellow and does not collapse prematurely. This also contributes to the positive qualities of the monomers.

Monomers – what is it?

Monomers - it is a liquid with which the acrylic hardens, but still remains flexible and pliable as the natural nail. Monomer does not affect the color, brightness and saturation of acrylic, making it just the perfect tool. Monomers are transparent and purple.

We offer clear monomers Kodi.  They are perfect if you want to make yourself a manicure or a color to paint the nails an incredible picture. Such kind of design will keep for several weeks without any damage or alterations. He has a minimum of dust while polishing.

Buy Kodi clear monomers in Larnaca

You can order any desired monomer at the lowest prices in our online store. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Cyprus. And in Larnaca, you can pick up your shipment at the purchase from our store. When ordering more than 350 UAH service will be absolutely free.

Be nice, do not be afraid to experiment, try different styles and techniques in the field of nail art, and we are pleased to help realize all your wishes!

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